Meet the Team

Welcome from Kyle and Nick

Kyle and Nick are the owners/operators. Family guys with a passion for all things with an engine. With years of combined mechanical experience and expertise on a wide array of not only automotive but also on power sports and small engines. We provide one of the most comprehensive services in the midwest.

Meet Kyle

Kyle is an avid outdoorsman and sport bike enthusiast. He spends his spare time in Colorado enjoying all the splendor of the vast outdoors, and snowboarding. He loves spending time riding dirt bikes and sport bikes and has a love for super bikes and going fast, really fast with an insatiable need for speed and quickness.

Meet Nick

Nick, an accomplished mechanic, loves big builds and car tuning. His aspirations run the gamut from sport bikes to American muscle and import super cars. He spends his time working small custom builds and assisting family members in their pursuit of speed greatness.

Mission Statement

We guarantee you will be satisfied with both the quality of work, and the camaraderie and relationship you will gain from using our services. We have a 100% customer return rate and we strive to provide a quality reputable service both for our community and families. You can count on us. We will keep you moving for less.